Why epic adventure videos send the wrong message

Thoughts on epic adventure videos

Big thanks to all who go out and do epic adventures and create and share movies about them. You inspire us all with your adventures on this planet. You jump of buildings, scale rock walls, run incredible distances, ski down the highest mountains, explore the farthest reaches of the planet and more. Learning about your struggle and triumph truly fills my heart with joy. It is so much better than programming TV. It shows the world some of humanities best qualities, such as curiosity, teamwork, compassion, determination, and boundless creativity.

The problem it creates is that it skews the perception of what it means to explore and have an adventure. It sends the message that you aren’t truly having an epic moment unless you’re undertaking a vast expedition and taking on feats that the top athletes in their chosen sport are barely able to handle.

The other 99.99 percent of the population many of these feats seem so unattainable that we are foced to believe that we are not truly alive. I say we are alive. I say we can have the same moments. The accomplishment to an elite athlete who jumps a 50 foot cliff on a mountain bike may be the exact same as a normal person taking the plunge down a tricky bit of single trail and making it through. Perhaps we don’t free climb El Capitan but made it up a 5.8 for the first time in the climbing gym.

I say go out and have those moments every day. I say seek them out with passion and total credit for the undertaking. I say find that moment that defines the experience. It could be the moment your kid laughs himself silly chasing a groundsquirrel, the moment you touch the top of the wall on a moderate climb on a local rock face, the moment you are outside when the sun sets and paints the world for you. It’s about all those moments. It’s about getting out there and seeking the moment. It’s your adventure and it counts.

Thanks to the elite athletes that perform for our inspiration, but thanks just the same to all of you that value these moments as their currency of life and go out to seek them in your own way. By pushing your limits. By saying yes to the journey. By chosing to do something. By stopping and taking in the moment to feel truly alive even when you’re not facing the very real potential of death from blunt force trauma.

Go out there and adventure. Time to DO.