5 Steps to a Remarkable Moment that lasts a lifetime


Definition - worthy of attention; striking

What’s the difference between a remarkable moment and just having fun?

A remarkable moment happens when we are attentive to from the inside out. Most of us miss the remarkable in a moment because we don’t pay attention to it. Here is a quick guide to experience these moments to live life remarkably.

Step 1: Choose adventure.

Put yourself in a position to have an experience worthy of attention. DO something different and have an adventure.

Step 2: When you find yourself on your adventure, stop to BE in the moment.

Step 3: Breathe and relax. Take 5 deep breaths and focus on relaxing your face. That will relax the rest of your body.

Step 5: Engage your senses. Start by closing your eyes. Most of us are so conditioned to experience the world through sight. By closing your eyes, it frees you up to engage your underutilized senses.

-          Listen: Hear the sounds of your environment and tune into what you can hear. Can you hear the birds? The wind? The ocean? Music? Truly listen you the world you  are in right now.

-          Smell: What aromas can you pick up? Smell of the flowers? Food? Seabreeze?

-          Feel: Feel the sensation you currently have. Can you feel the touch of the wind on your face? Feel your body? Can you feel the touch of your partner? Truly become present to the sensation.

-          See: Now open your eyes and really see the world around you. Dial into the colors. Focus on the small details and find the beauty.

Stay tuned into your senses and really experience the moment.

Step 5: Practice gratitude. Be thankful to be in this Remarkable Moment in a Remarkable Place. This allows you to set this moment in your memory as it is truly worthy of attention.

Use this guide to elevate your experiences from just having fun and truly live in the Moment.